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Jackfruit thera

Jackfruit thera (Chakka pazham thera) . No preservatives.

Call for pricing / 150 gram(s)

Jackfruit Ripe Dried

Chakkapazham unagiyathu. No preservatives.

₹ 122.00 / 150 gram(s)

Jackfruit Raw Steamed Dried

Jackfruit raw steamed and dried(Pacha chakka puzhungi unagiyathu) . No preservatives.

₹ 129.00 / 200 gram(s)

Jackfruit Seed dried

This is peeled and dried Jackfruit Seed which can be used to make delicious Jack Fruit Seed based south Indian dishes like Chakkakuru Manga, Chakka kuru thoran etc. 150g when soaked in water yields 300g+ of peeled and ready to cook Jackfruit Seed. To make this ready to cook, soak 150g immersed in boiled water for 4 hours and pressure cook with salt upto 6 whistles. The Jackfruit seed is ready to make your favorite dish.

₹ 83.00 / 150 gram(s)

Jackfruit Seed Avalose

Jackfruit seed avalose (Chakka kuru avalose podi) . No preservatives.

₹ 133.00 / 250 gram(s)

Palayamkodan Ripe Dried

Palayamkodan pazham unagiyathu. No preservatives

₹ 145.00 / 250 gram(s)